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1Z0-547 Exam Dumps From Passleader Ensure 100% Pass Exam

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-547
Exam Name: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Essentials

What does the term “outlier elimination” that is used in the 7000-series system mean?

A.    Truncating chronological data
B.    Removing inactive client sessions
C.    Throttling throughput with busy clients
D.    Blocking errant processes
E.    Cropping the highest data points from view

Answer: E

Which three items are available via the Status Dashboard in the Browser User Interface (BUI)?

A.    Summary of storage pool and main memory usage
B.    Known hardware faults
C.    Status of each physical network port
D.    Status of services on the appliance

Answer: ABD

Which three statements are true?

A.    One share can have multiple protocol access to its data
B.    The identity mapping feature can manage Windows and UNIX user Identities simultaneously on the same share.
C.    All shares within one project can share common settings.
D.    Snapshot and Replication can be done at the share level only.
E.    One of the share properties that protects the share against accidental deletion of the share is “read only.”

Answer: ACE

Enterprise solid state devices (SSDs) based on Mash technology are a critical component of the 7000-series systems. Which statement is true?

A.    Flash technology completes operations as fast as, or better than, DRAM.
B.    Enterprise SSDs support bad block management, wear leveling, and error correction codes (ECC) for data integrity
C.    Read-optimized SSDs are used in place of NVRAM to host the ZFS Intent Log (ZIL)
D.    Write-based SSDs are used to extend the ZFS cache (L2ARC) for reads and writes

Answer: D

Which Command Line Interface (CLI) command provides hardware status details?

A.    Maintenance hardware show
B.    Hardware status is not available through the CLI
C.    Status hardware show
D.    Status dashboard hardware

Answer: A

Which three are supported methods for viewing system statistics?

A.    Analytics
B.    Solaris stat tools: iostat(1M), vmstat(1M), and so on
C.    Appliance CLI
D.    Oracle SunPlex Manager
E.    SNMP

Answer: ACE

Log devices are designed to improve the performance of asynchronous write workloads.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

Which two statements regarding thin provisioning are true?

A.    The property for thin provisioned may only be set on a LUN
B.    The property for thin provisioned may be set on a share or LUN
C.    A LUN that is thinly provisioned will only represent to the host the physical amount of space used
D.    A thinly provisioned LUN will represent to the host the defined LUN size, and not the actual physical space used

Answer: AD

What type of I/O workload is likely to get the most benefit from read SSDs?

A.    Random write
B.    Random read
C.    Sequential read
D.    Sequential write
E.    Mixed random and sequential write

Answer: B

Which two items are the correct and supported ways to add user accounts to the 7000-series system?

A.    Editing/etc/passwd and/etc/shadow
B.    After logging in to the BUI as root, click the Maintenance: Users: Add User via the plus (+) sign and fill out the blanks; click Apply.
C.    Using ssh, add users via the CLI by “configuration users create”. Set the properties, and commit.
D.    Using ssh, add users via the CLI by “configuration users user newname” where newname is the new userID to be added.
E.    From the BUI as root, click Configuration: USERS: plus(+) sign to add a new user and fill out the blanks; click add.
F.    Add user accounts in active directory, LDAP, or NIS. User accounts don’t usually need to be added to the 7000.

Answer: DE

1Z0-547 Exam Dumps From Passleader Ensure 100% Pass Exam