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Best Passleader 1Z0-569 Sample Questions With High Quality VCE Dumps Ensure 100% Pass

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-569
Exam Name: Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Essentials

In order to scale the WebLogic Server cluster beyond a single computers node, the domain must be propagated to additional computers nodes. How is this best accomplished?

A.    The domain can simply be zipped (using tar, cpio, or jar), copied over, and extracted on the other computer node.
B.    Web logic Server has specific commands like pack.sh and unpack.sh that are designed for this purpose.
C.    The step can be accomplished most easily through the admin server when the second machine is added to the cluster.
D.    With Exalogic Elastic Cloud software, domain propagation is automatic when additional machine is added to the cluster.

Answer: D

In a reference Exalogic topology, all compute nodes _________.

A.    Use locally installed application binaries for execution
B.    Are subdivided using InfiniBand partitions based on application deployment topology
C.    Remotely access software binaries installed on the shared Sun ZFS storage
D.    Use SDP for all interprocess communication

Answer: D

When you run the Exalogic Configuration Utility scripts the first time, which three verification steps are performed? (Choose Three)

A.    BOND1 interfaces for all compute nodes
B.    ILOM interfaces for all compute nodes
C.    ILOM interfaces for storage heads
D.    NET0 interfaces for all compute nodes
E.    BOND2 interfaces for storage heads

Answer: ABD

Which two network channels are necessary to be configured on the admin server?

A.    HTTP client channel
B.    T3 channel
C.    SDP channel
D.    EoIB channel

Answer: AB

In the CLI for the gateway switch, the command [option][option] . . . format of commands is used for __________ .

A.    General hardware administration
B.    InfiniBand fabric control and management
C.    ILOM access
D.    Launching the web interface

Answer: B

If you cannot connect to ILOM over the network, which connection method would you use?

A.    USB
B.    Serial connection
C.    Web
D.    SSH

Answer: C

Which statement is true about the default cluster configuration of Exaloglc’s storage appliance?

A.    The default storage pool is assigned to each storage head.
B.    The default storage pool is assigned to the passive storage head.
C.    A separate storage pool is allocated to each storage head.
D.    The default storage pool is assigned to the active storage head.

Answer: D

In ILOM, you can configure up to _________ alert rules.

A.    12
B.    20
C.    15
D.    32

Answer: C

Which three are features of the Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance that is used in Exalogic machines? (Choose Three)

A.    Entry level cluster option
B.    Multi-protocol support
C.    100 TB of usable capacity
D.    Replication and snapshots
E.    80 TB of usable capacity

Answer: ABD

When using OHS and the WebLogic Server proxy plugin with dynamic server lists, what, if any, configuration is required at the OHS tier when adding additional WebLogic Server instances?

A.    OHS must be restarted and upon restart; the dynamic server list will be automatically updated with newly added server(s).
B.    OHS httpd.conf must be updated with the newly added WebLogic Server(s).
C.    Nothing. Newly added WebLogic Server instances are automatically picked up and the plugin is dynamically reconfigured.
D.    The admin server must be restarted when the cluster has been reconfigured. This will, in turn, notify the web tier (OHS).

Answer: A

Best Passleader 1Z0-569 Sample Questions With High Quality VCE Dumps Ensure 100% Pass