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Free Share Real PDF Exam Questions Of Exam Cisco 200-120 To Help You Pass Exam (121-130)

QUESTION 121What occurs on a Frame Relay network when the CIR is exceeded? A.    All TCP traffic is marked discard eligible.B.    All UDP traffic is marked discard eligible and a BECN is sent.C.    All TCP traffic is marked discard eligible and a BECN is sent.D.    All traffic exceeding the CIR is marked discard eligible.

Free Share Real PDF Exam Questions Of Exam Cisco 200-120 To Help You Pass Exam (111-120)

QUESTION 111At which layer of the OSI model does PPP perform? A.    Layer 2B.    Layer 3C.    Layer 4D.    Layer 5

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QUESTION 101What will happen if a private IP address is assigned to a public interface connected to an ISP? A.    Addresses in a private range will be not be routed on the Internet backbone.B.    Only the ISP router will have the capability to access the public network.C.    The NAT process will be used to translate […]

High Quality Cisco 200-120 Questions and Answers Verified By Experts Ensure Your Exam Pass (91-100)

QUESTION 91A network administrator is configuring ACLs on a Cisco router, to allow traffic from hosts on networks,,, and only. Which two ACL statements, when combined, would you use to accomplish this task? (Choose two.) A.    access-list 10 permit ip    access-list 10 permit ip    access-list 10 permit […]

Learning The New PassLeader Cisco 200-120 Exam Questions For 100 Percent Passing (81-90)

QUESTION 81Which statement describes the process of dynamically assigning IP addresses by the DHCP server? A.    Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement.B.    Addresses are permanently assigned so that the hosts uses the same address at all times.C.    Addresses are assigned for a […]

Pass Cisco 200-120 Exam With Passleader Cisco 200-120 Exam Free Study Materials (71-80)

QUESTION 71Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.) A.    provides common view of entire topologyB.    exchanges routing tables with neighborsC.    calculates shortest pathD.    utilizes event-triggered updatesE.    utilizes frequent periodic updates

Accurate Cisco 200-120 Questions And Answers From Passleader Ensure 100 Percent Exam Pass (61-70)

QUESTION 61What two things will a router do when running a distance vector routing protocol? (Choose two.) A.    Send periodic updates regardless of topology changes.B.    Send entire routing table to all routers in the routing domain.C.    Use the shortest-path algorithm to the determine best path.D.    Update the routing table based on updates from their neighbors.E.    […]

View The New PassLeader Cisco 200-120 Exam Braindumps For 100 Percent Passing Exam (51-60)

QUESTION 51Which three are characteristics of an IPv6 anycast address? (Choose three.) A.    one-to-many communication modelB.    one-to-nearest communication modelC.    any-to-many communication modelD.    a unique IPv6 address for each device in the groupE.    the same address for multiple devices in the groupF.    delivery of packets to the group interface that is closest to the sending device

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QUESTION 41Which two benefits are provided by using a hierarchical addressing network addressing scheme? (Choose two.) A.    reduces routing table entriesB.    auto-negotiation of media ratesC.    efficient utilization of MAC addressesD.    dedicated communications between devicesE.    ease of management and troubleshooting

Quality PassLeader Oracle 200-120 Practice Tests With 100 Precent Real Exam Questions (31-40)

QUESTION 31Which command can be used from a PC to verify the connectivity between hosts that connect through a switch in the same LAN? A.    pingaddressB.    tracertaddressC.    tracerouteaddressD.    arpaddress

Passleader Cisco 200-120 Study Materials Covers All Knowledge Points Of Real Exam Ensure 100 Percent Pass (21-30)

QUESTION 21Which command enables RSTP on a switch? A.    spanning-tree uplinkfastB.    spanning-tree mode rapid-pvstC.    spanning-tree backbonefastD.    spanning-tree mode mst

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QUESTION 11What is the function of the command switchport trunk native vlan 999 on a Cisco Catalyst switch? A.    It creates a VLAN 999 interface.B.    It designates VLAN 999 for untagged traffic.C.    It blocks VLAN 999 traffic from passing on the trunk.D.    It designates VLAN 999 as the default for all unknown tagged traffic.

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QUESTION 1Which layer in the OSI reference model is responsible for determining the availability of the receiving program and checking to see if enough resources exist for that communication? A.    transportB.    networkC.    presentationD.    sessionE.    application