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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-580
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 11 Installation and Configuration Essentials

Which is the preferred command to manage Layer 3 network properties in Oracle Solaris 11?

A.    dladm
B.    ipadm
C.    ifconfig
D.    netstat
E.    arp

Answer: B

When conducting an automated installation, the name of the resulting root pool is “rpool1.” Which is the direct cause of this?

A.    The system already has a root pool named “rpool”.
B.    The manifest declares the name of the root pool to use.
C.    “pool1” is the preexisting name of the root pool.
D.    “rpool” is a reserved pool name that can only be used for factory-based installations.
E.    Of the two disks present for mirroring, the first is named “rpool” and the second is named “pool1”.

Answer: A

What has become the default graphical user interface for Oracle Solaris 11 desktop operation?

A.    CDE (Common Desktop Environment)
B.    Gnome Desktop
C.    X-Window System
D.    Firefox Web Browser
E.    Java Desktop

Answer: B

What is the relevance of the “-c” argument in the output below?

A.    the location of the cache directory used by NFS cache
B.    the location of the cache directory used during an interrupted download process
C.    the location of the class directory containing various IPS class files needed by Java
D.    the location of the Images containing the MD5 checksum information
E.    the location of all configured clients and their Install criteria

Answer: B

Which service must be enabled in order to create an iSCSI LUN?

A.    iscsi
B.    stmf
C.    comstar
D.    shareiscsi
E.    sbdadm

Answer: B

You are implementing three workloads, one in each of three zones. Which five factors should you consider when configuring networking?

A.    Are VLANs in use
B.    The quantity of physical NICs in the system.
C.    The network bandwidth needs of the workloads.
D.    Which layer 4 protocol family is in use: TCP or UDP?
E.    The range of IP addresses that each zone can use.
F.    The amount of processing capacity needed to handle network interrupts for each zone.

Answer: ABCEF

A zone fails to boot, and zoneadm produces the following message:
Which two approaches might resolve the problem and enable the zone to boot?

A.    Change the network link, that will be used by that zone.
B.    Use “dladm disable net0” in the global zone to bring the NIC net0 down.
C.    Convert the zone to use shared-IP networking.
D.    Use “dladm rename-link net0 net9” in the global zone.
E.    Use “netconfig disable net0” in the global zone.

Answer: AC

When upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 10, the Live Upgrade utilities are _________.

A.    enhanced to automatically use js2ai and convert jumpstart rules to AI profiles and criteria
B.    not available because there is no upgrade method from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11
C.    available in a separate SVR4 package that you have to install onto Oracle Solaris 10 first
D.    only available to you if you have a support agreement in place with Oracle
E.    available at no cost from an IPS repository hosted on http://pkg.oracle.com

Answer: A

With which three link types do the dladm set-linkprop and show-linkprop subcommands work?

A.    Aggregation
B.    VNIC
C.    Flow
D.    Etherstub
E.    IPMP

Answer: ABD

List three reasons why Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC would be the best platforms for deploying an Oracle database.

A.    tight engineering integration between database and operating system development teams
B.    continuous joint testing between database and operating system development teams
C.    world record performance
D.    Oracle Solaris 11 is only available on the SPARC platform
E.    SPARC is the lowest cost hardware solution on the market today

Answer: ABC

Which command would result in safely detaching a disk or disks from a mirrored pool to create another identical pool?

A.    zfs split tank1 tank2
B.    zpool create tank mirror clt0d0 c2t0d0
C.    zpool split tank1 tank2
D.    zpool detach tank clt0d0
E.    zpool replace tank clt1d0 c2t0d0

Answer: C

Passleader Supply Economical Package For 1Z0-580 Real Exam Questions With Free Update